Sedation Dentistry

Join the Thousands of People We Have Helped to Overcome Their Dental Phobia

Are we the office you’ve been looking for? If it’s been years since you’ve been to the dentist; if going to the dentist is very difficult for you because of anxiety, sensitive gag reflex, or any other dental phobia, you should contact us, because our entire office is set up just for you. Our mission is to provide people who haven’t been comfortable at the dentist with a place to go, with everything they need to feel at ease.

Dr. Sareen is a certified Sedation dentist in Northern VA, licensed with the Virginia Board of Dentistry, with years of experience administering safe and effective Oral and IV sedation. We provide all phases of dental care with all types of anesthesia, including oral, intravenous, or general; whatever the needs of the patient. Your comfort is our priority. We understand that giving patients a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back.


Sedation Dentistry Options

Ashburn Dental group offers Moderate Conscious Sedation (Including IV & Oral Sedation) and General Anesthesia for Dental procedures. Sedation is accomplished with medications, which can be given by mouth– Oral conscious sedation or via an IV line- IV Conscious sedation. It is also known as Twilight Sedation when you are sleepy and may lose consciousness, but you are still somewhat responsive.

Dr. Sareen will discuss all sedation options for dental treatments like the routine dental fillings, tooth extractions, root canals, crowns or the surgical placement of dental implants. We help patients determine which method of sedation is the safest and most effective for them based on their health, treatment needed, and their personal concerns.

IV Conscious sedation is designed to put the patient into a light sedated state so that they are unable to feel anxious about their treatment. All vital signs are closely monitored during treatment by our highly trained and IV certified staff. IV sedation allows patients to feel completely relaxed and comfortable during their treatment while remaining responsive to the dentist & staff. Patients typically have little to no memory of their procedure when they wake up. IV sedation is recommended for patients who require short surgical treatments such as a wisdom teeth extractions or the placement of dental implants.

Oral conscious sedation is when prescription medications are given by mouth, before the procedure by the Dentist. All vital signs are closely monitored during treatment by our highly trained and certified staff. This type of sedation is often recommended for patients who need multiple procedures done and need longer appointments because the effects of this type of sedation may last for several hours.